Serbia to Montenegro Train Journey

10 hours from Topcider [Топчидер] in Serbia [Србија] to Podgorica [Подгорица] in Montenegro [Црна Гора] – passing through 254 tunnels and 435 bridges… we thought we would get bored at some point but we stayed glued to the window and went “wha! whaa!! whaaa!!! whaaaa!!!! whaaaaa!!!!! whaaaaaa!!!!!! WHA! WHAA!! WHAAA!!! WHAAAA!!!! – louder with each hour, totally blown away by the experience!

>> 9am: Topcider [Топчидер] train station in Belgrade [Београд]

Our initial “wha!” was an exclaimation at the coffee dispenser machine at the train station that totally surprised us – €0.50 for an impressive cup of Irish Cappuccino with Baileys added!

>> 10+am: “whaa!!” countryside…
>>11+am: “whaaa!!!” blue skies! weather is so good!
>>12+am: “whaaaa!!!!” we can see the Lim (river)!

Thanks to The Man in Seat 61, we had packed some snacks with us for the journey.

There was clearly a kettle of hot water in the tiny kitchen of the bar on the train but no, they would not sell us plain hot water. We had to buy coffee. So no cup noodles of us, only hazelnut waffles and raisins.

After the last passport check at Prijepolje [Пријепоље] and somewhere before crossing the border into Montenegro, the train stopped before a tunnel (by this time, we have lost count). Another graffiti train from the opposite direction went by like a rainbow.

>> 5+pm: “WHAAA!!!” Is it going to rain?!!!
>>6:25pm: “WHAAAA!!!!” After passing Kolasin [Колашин], the next 30 minutes went pretty wild as the train went up the summit, sending us 1,000m above sea-level!
>>6:32pm: “WHAAAA!!!!” We are at the summit!!!
>>6:41pm: “WHAAAA!!!!” Sun is out again!
>>6:47pm: “WHAAAA!!!!” We passed a bridge and a tunnel!!!
>>6:52pm: “WHAAAA!!!!” A meander in the valley! We are descending!!
>>6:59pm: “WHAAAA!!!!” We are so close to the river! So clear!!
>>7:02pm: Last glance before we started packing for disembarkation

Our final “WHAAAAA!!!!!” came as a late realisation that this entire journey was €80 for the four of us – that’s €2 per person per hour!

Nothing could ever top this experience in our lives!

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